Become an Opportuniac

Never let an obstacle stop you from your passion. An obstacle is nothing but an opportunity.
About Albert

Become an Opportuniac

Never let an obstacle stop you from your passion. An obstacle is nothing but an opportunity.
About Albert

Captivating Keynote Speaking

Albert Mensah’s unique background and rags-to-riches story truly sets himapart from most professional speakers and guest lecturers.

Invigorating Corporate Workshops

Albert will provide the perfect tools and inspiration to help your company emerge on the other side, your employees feeling highly empowered, successful and ready to embrace change.

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Meet Albert

As a CSP, Albert is rated among the top seven percent of professional speakers internationally. You can count on him to give a well-crafted speech, a speech that will move your delegates to change.

People come away from a Mensah keynote entertained, inspired, and motivated—but more importantly, with the practical, applicable, doable tactics and strategies for acting on their inspiration and motivation. In 2004, Albert was honored with the Certified Speaking Professional Award by the National Speakers Association—an honor he earned in only four years instead of the usual five.

Past Opportuniacs

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What other’s have to say:

“Albert’s passion, commitment, and energy were infectious and he left our team motivated and with a new perspective on embracing Change. His message was relevant, his style was engaging and overall he was a pleasure to work with.”

Christopher Bodlovic

Senior Director, HR Operations, Cisco Systems

“Inspiring, and highly uplifting to the audience…you could hear a pin dropas he retold the amazing story of his life experiences…At several times, I saw that some of the audience had been moved to tears with the power of his message.”

Joseph B. Diehl

Executive Director, Afforadable Management Association of Washington

“Albert is a true inspiration. From the stage he is amazing and if you come to know him, you’ll discover that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Albert’s “everything is possible” attitude is contagious and trust me, you want to catch it.”

Jeff Esper

Student Programs

Leadership – We Are All Leaders

Every one of us has the opportunity to be a leader at some time and place and leadership qualities are a necessity for success. This is a program that shows students how to hone their leadership qualities to become a global leader.

Peak Performance – Grasp Greatness

This Program will motivate your students and staff, while showing them how to set practical goals, recognize opportunities, face fears and challenges, and develop ways to act on opportunities right where they are.

Diversity- We Need All of Us

This program shows the importance of having all of our talents and various viewpoints included in the decision making process. We are all different. We think, talk, look and interact differently. But we all want the same things: to be accepted, to love, and to be loved.

Bullying – There’s Always a Bigger Bully

Bullying is an act of cowardice that stems from feelings of inadequacy. Because bullies feel inferior, they pick on others in order to feel better about themselves.

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