“Student Express Shipping makes it so easy to recruit and enroll international students.
It’s actually easier than a lot of my domestic recruits!”
– Brandon Combs, Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Asbury University


Student Express Shipping helps admissions counselors all over the country attract the best international prospects without getting buried in the process. And we can show you how to make the process easy and efficient for your office too.

Our “Students Without Borders System” takes the guesswork out of processing international applicants, so you can onboard them just as easily as your domestic students. Just follow our simple enrollment process and you’ll start saving time and money right away; PLUS you’ll avoid losing international applicants to slow or mishandled communication.

Here’s how the “Students Without Borders System” makes your life better:

1. You get One-Click Shipping. Just click a link on your desktop and type in the address. We’ll take it from there!
2. You get faster delivery GUARANTEED. Your documents will arrive in 2-3 days, not 3-6 weeks.
3. You get HUGE discounts. You’ll save an additional 20% off your already discounted academic rates.

Plus, there’s no sign-up fee or long-term contract! A DHL driver will pick up your packages free of charge, and Student Express Shipping will be your single point-of-contact giving you personalized service around the clock.

In addition, DHL helps you process applicants in all these valuable ways:

1. You get secure chain-of-custody. Your package never leaves our control. Or yours.
2. You get address verification for every shipment. No more sending packages only to discover weeks later `that the address was incomplete or incorrect.
3. You get your very own, dedicated customs broker. When you’ve got a representative on the ground at customs, your shipment speeds through to the applicant.
4. You can ship anywhere! We’re in more places than UPS or Fedex – more than 220 countries in all.
5. You can track your package. So can your recipients. You can even get email or text notifications showing when it leaves, clears customs, goes out for delivery, or gets handed to the applicant.
6. You get the most reliable service. Over 98% on-time deliveries!

“I used to choose international students based on who was easiest to recruit.
With Student Express Shipping, I now go after the best students and the whole student body benefits.”
– Chris Traetow, Undergraduate Admissions, University of Iowa

How much time and money are you wasting?

You could be doing things the hard way and not even realize it.
Does your process look like this?:

THE OLD WAY: A foreign student requests information. You put the note aside for several days because you know it requires special attention. Eventually, you dig up the materials you need to ship the proper forms, then spend up to an hour getting everything packaged and labeled. Several weeks later, the package comes back UNDELIVERED because of a problem with the address. After several attempts, you finally get everything squared away with the applicant. You feel overworked and under-accomplished.

Or this?:

THE STUDENT EXPRESS SHIPPING WAY: An outstanding international student requests information. You click the icon on your computer, fill out the student’s information, and order the shipment in seconds. Every year, your incoming classes have an impressive roster of the best international students. And it hardly takes any effort at all!

Want help getting started?

Takes just 5 minutes!

Call us now at 800-989-0227 and we’ll enroll you right over the phone.
Or if you prefer, send an email to info@studentexpressshipping.com. That’s it!

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